What Is Display Marketing

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Display marketing may sound foreign, but you’ve undoubtedly consumed it many times without knowing it.

Have you ever searched for something online, and then all of a sudden start seeing advertisements for that product everywhere? Your phone isn’t spying on you. What you’re seeing is a form of a remarketing campaign launched by a clever marketer. From the random ad that pops out from your social media platforms to the top display ad that appears on the search engine, display advertising is here to stay.

Modern marketers use digital display advertising to serve their products and services straight to their target audience when they are on their mobile devices or desktop, and it works most of the time.

This article will shed light on display marketing and how you can run your first display ad campaign effectively.

What Does Display Marketing Mean?

Display marketing is a type of online advertising that capitalizes on the power of photos, graphics, text, and links to lead potential customers to a specific web page to learn more about a particular brand, product or service.

Display advertising works systematically. In brief, online advertisements are heavily targeted to a brand’s target users, whose ultimate goal is to increase brand awareness and strengthen conversion rates.

It is also called display advertising, internet advertising, banner advertising, and picture ads.

How are Display Ads Billed?

Cost per click (CPC) is how most display and digital advertising campaigns are priced. Every time a user clicks on your display campaigns, you’ll be charged a specific amount based on your general bidding strategy. It works for Google ads, banner ads, rich media ads, search ads, and native ads.

Different Types of Display Marketing

It makes a difference when you know the proper advertisement to serve to the right people at the right time. Here are the various display advertisements you can use to spice up your digital marketing campaigns.

Personalized Display Ads

This type of online marketing target consumers based on demographic targeting and the interests they have shown online, which you can use to set a custom audience.

Remarketing Ads

Also called retargeting campaigns, remarketing campaigns are an attempt to offer a highly-specific product to existing customers based on their previous search history.

It can be done by inserting codes inside the web pages which deploy “cookies” to track user behavior and extract information to make the PPC campaigns more detailed and personal.

Site-placed Display Ads

Site-placed display advertising campaigns let you strategically place the ads on websites that complement the products or services offered. Others use display ad networks to run ads on the appropriate site and Google display network is the most popular example.

Contextually-targeted Display Ads

Context matters in this marketing strategy because an ad appears only to content and sites where it makes sense. For example, placing ad content about diet supplements in a personal fitness-themed blog.

How To Run Effective Display Ad Campaigns

Display advertising campaign performance is based on effective advertising campaign structure. Running ads in any geographical location or target market requires research and competitor analysis, as multiple factors affect your display ad performance.

Here are some tips on how you can maximize your ad spend with these simple, yet actionable display targeting tips.

Apply Best Practices in Creating a Landing Page

Your ad quality sustains the interest of internet users when you create a landing page that excites them. At a minimum, it should have:

  • Responsive user interface that loads well on a mobile device
  • Simple and straight-forward copy
  • High-quality images in an ad format
  • Well designed ad formats
  • Clear and remarkable call to action (CTA)

Design Audience-Based Ad Copy

As much as we want to get our visitors to know how good our brand is, it’s crucial to write copy that is all about the consumer. Use target keywords that speak volumes to their pain points, desires, and preferences because it feels natural serving ads to the right audience.

Implement Proper Account Structure and Naming Practices

The foundation for effective display ads measurement is ensuring the appropriate nomenclature and hierarchy. You can simplify the data visualization tool in Google Analytics by structuring your campaign names, ad groups/sets, ad names, and labels with segmentation in mind.

It helps you decide which display advertisements and targeting are most effective for your KPIs, such as click-through rate.

Display marketing will continue to be a main source of monetization for businesses online. At Primate Digital, we understand its influence on shaping the growth of our client’s business. If you struggle with advertising, or looking to get started, simply schedule a free consultation with us below.

What Is Display Marketing – Primate Digital

Display marketing will continue to be a main source of monetization for businesses online.  If you are looking to get started, schedule a free consultation with us.

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