Types of Digital Advertising and Why You Need It

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Digital advertising is becoming more and more profitable for websites and businesses, and it’s expected to dominate the traditional advertising and marketing industry in the years to come.

Whether you’re a marketer or business owner, keeping up with ad space trends is key to gaining more web traffic and higher search engine results page ranking.

There are many different types of ads to consider in your digital marketing campaigns. But don’t worry because Primate Digital’s advertising services are easy to understand, and designed to help you increase sales as you build brand awareness.

Keep reading if you’re a little confused about which ad makes sense, and you’ll surely learn about the different types of digital advertising and their benefits to your visual ads and text ads.

Best Digital Advertising

7 Best Types of Digital Advertising

Choosing the right digital advertising strategy is crucial since every ad campaign has a specific purpose for converting internet traffic into leads or sales.

Here are the seven most popular advertising formats:

  1. Social media advertising. Today’s biggest hub for online advertising is social media due to the growing number of users each year. It helps target your audience via their mobile devices because you can integrate other social media ads into the platform. Some of the most popular social media platforms to run influencer marketing online ads include TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.Primate Digital ads offer the following primary mobile advertising services:
    • TikTok Ads
    • Facebook Page/Instagram Ads
    • YouTube Ads
  2. Video ads. Many brands use video advertising to promote their e-commerce businesses as they show up like a commercial ad format, especially when your target audience is on YouTube. The key is to create interesting video content that speaks to your brand, shares your message, is visually appealing, and has an emotional connection to viewers.
  3. Paid search advertising. The main ingredient for a successful search engine marketing ad is keyword research to determine common search queries. Search engines like Google and Bing are the most popular search engine optimization platforms your content marketing strategy should focus on. The goal is to appear on search engine results pages because 90% of mobile users only use the first page when searching online.
  4. Native advertisements. Native ads are a more intentional and strategic type of promotion than display advertising. It focuses on placement and audience targeting using sponsored listings integrated into the feed. Native advertising includes promoted listings, recommendation widgets, banner ads, and in-feed digital ads. This data-driven strategy considers the online habits of your target audiences and their search history.
  5. Shopping ads. These are paid search ads that allow you to show your products or services on the Google display network. When users search for your products, they will be shown some relevant pay-per-click shopping ads. This is a good strategy to reach your customers because they are targeted to a specific audience that potentially wants to buy your product.
  6. Geofencing ads. This digital marketing tool can help any business target its local geographic area. Geofencing ads make sure that most display ads reach potential customers while allowing you to customize each display ad so that they will reach specific demographics, behaviors, and interests. In return, you can generate leads and convert them into customers like in email marketing.
  7. Google ads. Google Performance Max is a new advertising product that Google offers to businesses that want to maximize their ad budget. Some of the features include custom campaign ads, flexible budgeting, and advanced reporting to improve your ROI.
Digital Strategy

The Right Digital Strategy Is Crucial

The main benefits of digital advertising work for businesses include higher flexibility for marketing campaigns and retargeting ads at lower costs.

If you do your social ads right, you can acquire new customers, better leads, high-ranking search results, and increase brand awareness.

Whether you’re targeting local or global reach, the right digital ad campaigns can help you reach your potential customers no matter what digital advertising platforms, ad blockers, or online tools they are using.

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