Facebook/Instagram Ads

Have you ever talked about a product or service with your friends and after a short time you see an ad on Facebook or Instagram about that same product or service?

No, it’s not magic.

What are Facebook/Instagram Ads?

Facebook and Instagram campaigns use the same platform. In it, it is possible to convey your message to an ideal audience through images or videos. We help you generate specific and interactive content that informs, entertains and creates awareness, generating new clients for your business.

Advantages of Facebook/Instagram Ads:


  • Large mobile audience.
  • Precise segmentation.
  • Exhaustive analysis.
  • Improve the visibility of your brand.
  • Accesible price.

Types of advanced segmentations


Show your advertising to people who have had some behavior relevant to your business. For example: anniversaries, or digital activity, such as online shopping, politics, sports, travel, among many other options.


It allows you to show your ads to people who are already followers of your Facebook page, have seen some of your videos, or are followers of pages similar to yours.​


Este tipo de segmentación incluye educación, sexo, estado económico, tipo de trabajo y eventos en la vida, entre otras opciones.


Se basa en los intereses de los usuarios en relación con tu negocio y lo que ofreces.


Definitivamente una de las opciones más importantes. Esto te permite mostrar tus anuncios a personas que ya hayan visto tu contenido en tu sitio web.

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