Ozark Mobile Detailing was born thanks to Colton Olson’s passion for cars. During his free time, he enjoyed spending time working with cars making them look good and feel clean. After several years of doing what he loves and many positive feedbacks, he decided to take what started as a hobby and transform it into a business.


Colton wanted to get more exposure to his business and reach people that had not heard from Ozark Mobile Detailing before. He also wanted a space to showcase his work and provide a catalog of his services

Our Solutions

  • Web development
  • Google Search Ads
  • Facebook Ads

Web Development

Created a beautiful website where not only Colton is now able to showcase his services, but also serves as a major lead generator for his business.

Google Search Ads

Now we’re able to guide people that are actively searching for mobile car detailers and lead them to the website where they can learn more about what’s included in the service and request a quote.

Facebook Ads

Ozark Mobile detail has been able not only to generate awareness in the area using Facebbok Ads, but also collect leads for the business. This is one of the cases where we’ve been able to achieve extremely low cost per click at only twenty two cents per click and an unbeatable cost per message received of $6.04.

CPC: $0.22

Cost Per Conversion: $6.04

Update: Colton was able to quit his full-time job and dedicate 100% of his time to what one day started as a hobby.