Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Digital Advertising Vs. Traditional Advertising

Advertising emerged from the eighteenth century during the Industrial Revolution. Over time it has evolved in its form and essence. From simple pamphlets to billboards to radio and television commercials, traditional advertising has helped millions of businesses attract customers and build awareness for their products or services. Since the arrival of the internet, the game has changed forever. Thanks to digital advertising, advertisers now have more options to create advertising campaigns, specifically reaching their ideal audience and accurately measuring their return on investment.

Many companies continue to opt for an advertising strategy using traditional/old-school methods. However, there are compelling reasons to consider a change and start receiving higher dividends.

1. Traditional advertising does not allow you to measure results.

  • In a radio or television campaign, it is not possible to know if the audience took action after seeing or hearing your commercial.
  • When you run a digital marketing campaign, everything can be measured, especially the return on investment (ROI).
  • With Primate Digital you will be able to know exactly how many people saw your advertising, the clicks made, and even measure whether people bought your products or services after seeing your advertising.

2. Traditional advertising does not allow you to control your advertising content.

  • Whether it’s pamphlets, newspapers, radio or television, once the content is released it is not easy to modify it.
  • With Primate Digital it is possible to make constant modifications to determine what works and what needs to be changed to obtain better results.

3. Traditional advertising is more expensive.

  • The budgets of a digital marketing campaign are usually accessible, so they are within the reach of any company, even medium and small ones.
  • Not every client has a massive budget. Each one of our clients chooses how much they want to invest. With around $600 a month, you can make a bigger impact compared to a television or radio campaign, which are much more expensive.

4. Traditional advertising does not reach your ideal audience.

  • Imagine that your ideal audience is people between 20 and 28 years old and you hire advertising on the radio. Definitely, the vast majority of people who heard your advertising do not fall into the category of your ideal audience.
  • With Primate Digital it is possible to select exactly the age of your ideal audience, their gender, their location, and even the interests they have.
Connects with your ideal audience
Digital Ad Effectiveness 100%
Traditional Ad Effectiveness 60%
Measures return on investment
Digital Ad Effectiveness 100%
Traditional 20%
Increases sales & leads
Digital Ad Effectiveness 100%
Traditional Ad Effectiveness 55%
Gives you details about ad engagement
Digital Ad Effectiveness 100%
Traditional 15%
Readjust strategy at any time
Digital Ad Effectiveness 100%
Traditional 10%
Digital Ad Effectiveness 100%
Traditional Ad Effectiveness 50%

To wrap it up:

If you have a large budget to do traditional advertising and digital advertising, go ahead. In fact, a combination of both strategies is excellent for the marketing mix. In case you have to choose one or the other, digital advertising is definitely your best option, since you can achieve better results than with traditional methods, but at a more accessible price and with more detail on its performance. Contact us today to get started with your digital advertising and generate more sales.

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